Dougay Roberre’s First Quartet

The first four books in the Dougay Roberre series are now available. A very happy author! Jump on board the knockabout adventures of a loveable Aussie on the French Riviera.

Helping promote Ken Ward’s book

Check out Ken Ward’s book Time for Revenge. Us AM authors have got to stick together.

Helping promote another Aussie author

Fellow Australian Austin Macauley author, Peter Meares has written terrific book about cricket, corruption and a corpse! Us Aussie AM authors have got to stick together.

Developing early reading skills.

My French mate, Cedric, teaching his baby, Tia, to read English. (Hopefully not in reverse!)

Dog eats book

A cousin called to say that her friend’s dog ate Au Revoir, Mate! I thought dogs only ate homework. Mind you, the dog has great taste.

Life imitates art!

In July I was in Nice and on top of the hill overlooking the sea I couldn’t resist acting out my book’s cover.

Compare the Kangaroos!

A friend’s son was reading Au Revoir, Mate! ona Qantas flight. Can you see the difference in the kangaroos?

Good mates!

Ian Cook and Chris Blackam are very pleased to have the dedication of Au Revoir, Mate!

Hot Cuppa, Hot Book!

A friend sent me this photo to say she was enjoying the book.

Daughter helps out dad!

Laure is the daughter of my French friend, Andre Mollard. She is a graduate in English and will read the book for her father.

Big Gig and Postman Dave

Dave, my postman, plays guitar. I told him I’d written a book which might interest him and leant him my copy of Big Gig in Rock ‘N Roll Heaven to read. He returned it 10 days later unread! When ........

Dear readers – spread the word!

I was very impressed withthe quality of the book, the colour realisation, the selected paper for the cover and the overall sense of care that Austin Macauley have shown. I was also impressed by ........

Bonjour, Mate!

Caught up with my great mates, Ian Cook and Chris Blackam. Au Revoir, Mate! is dedicated to them and they are chuffed!

Big Gig’s First Birthday

On October 30 held a small, a very small birthday party for the book. Mandy loved the cake!