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Allan McFadden trained as a secondary school music teacher and has worked as teacher, actor, musician, music director and orchestrator. With fellow Australian, Peter Fleming, he has written several stage musicals: Airheart, Madame de, Frank Christie, Frank Clarke and Noli me Tangere. His first published novel is Big Gig in Rock ’n’ Roll Heaven. Une Autre Fois, Mate! is the third book in the Dougay Roberre series following on from Au Revoir, Mate. All four books are published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

About the Books


Big Gig in Store!

Copies of Big Gig in Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven now on the shelves at Dymocks Sydney city store.

I was featured in the show named Confessional, on Newcastle Live Radio

I was invited in the show Confessional, on Newcastle Live Radio. I told the listeners about my interest in music and sports. And, now a musician turned writer is heading towards launching two mo ........


Dougay Roberre’s First Quartet

The first four books in the Dougay Roberre series are now available. A very happy author! Jump on board the knockabout adventures of a loveable Aussie on the French Riviera.

Helping promote Ken Ward’s book

Check out Ken Ward’s book Time for Revenge. Us AM authors have got to stick together.

Helping promote another Aussie author

Fellow Australian Austin Macauley author, Peter Meares has written terrific book about cricket, corruption and a corpse! Us Aussie AM authors have got to stick together.


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